Andreas Pfohl



Speck, pronounced as /ˈbeɪ.kən/.

Speck is a small and fast unit testing framework for the C programming language, that helps you to keep track of your programs integrity throughout your development. It is provided as a set of just two source files that are copied into your project. There is also no need for extra scripts that generate your test code from a specification. Your specification is the test itself and it too is written in pure C.

Check out the GitHub project:

The Event Language

Together with a colleague of mine, we created a programming language called Event, to describe Complex Event-Processing in embedded networks. For that we build a compiler with the help of the LLVM project. The compiler transforms the event programms into plattform specific object libraries, that can be send over an embedded network and get linked at the receiver.

Check out the project documentation for further details:


For the Event language project above, we often tend to rewrite our data structures we used in the the compiler. So we extracted them into a small library that can now be used in other projects. With the LibCollect library it’s now easy to use the implemented collections in new projects.

Checkout the GitHub project to learn more about the implemented collections: